Saturday, 4 December 2010

4th December 2010 = My second blog!

Ok, so my BLOG so far didn't quite work out as I'd hoped. I wanted to try and blog every day so that my second blog was on the 2nd December, and 3rd on the 3rd December etc etc. Simply haven't had chance what with the snow and one thing and another.

Anyway....... Here is my second blog of the week, month, year and lifetime!

Today has been fun so far. We walked to the local Supermarket which is about 0.7 mile away, the snow was deep and I was to be honest worried about the trek home as once loaded with shopping I wondered how on earth I would save myself if I fell in the slippery ice and snow. My partner thought we'd be fine but even the woman on the checkout queried how on earth we'd get home with all this shopping. I did tell him all the way round the supermarket as I am sure you can all imagine.

Anyway, we hiked out of the supermarket car park and I thought how difficult the journey home was going to be. I was negotiating obstacles in the snow such as footpaths and roads very cautiously and with little balance. But luckily and I mean luckily we were stopped by some neighbours in a 4x4 and they gave us a ride home. I cannot believe our luck!! Of all the days we have walked to the supermarket we have never seen anyone to be offered a lift home. I was so pleased and I think secretly my partner was very pleased because I am sure even he realised we had bought way too much.......!

This afternoon, so far, we not done much more but made two sets of stew! I LOVE STEW! In fact it is bubbling away in the oven now and the whole house smells of it. Just the Yorkshire pudding to make now. I've listed a Christmas Elf for my shop

For anyone that doesnt know there is a thing on Folksy whereby you list a new item every day and today I have listed a necklace. To see, more photos of the necklace please go to Any feedback would be great!

Right I hope this is OK for my second BLOG! Over and Out! Have a nice weekend everyone and thanks for reading my second BLOG of 2010!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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  1. Hello there
    Just popped over from Folksy, you are doing fine, and what luck to get a lift home nice to see there are such lovely helpful people around.

    I struggle writing and updating my blog, go take a look will make you feel much better believe me!

    Lynda x